Mannies: The Ultimate Solution for UHNW Families

Mannies: The Ultimate Solution for UHNW Families

Raising children is one of the most rewarding experiences in life, but it can also be challenging, especially if you have a demanding career or lifestyle. For ultra-high-net-worth families, finding help in the form of nannies or childminders is not uncommon. However, more and more UHNW families are now turning to manny services to provide their children with male role models and unique experiences. In this blog post, we will discuss what mannies are, why they are trending, how they can benefit your family, and how you should go about hiring one.


1. What are mannies?

Mannies are male nannies who offer a unique brand of childminding services. They are typically energetic, fun, and physically active, making them ideal for children who are energetic or sporty. They offer the same services as female nannies such as caring for children, preparing meals, and overseeing homework, but they often add additional skills such as tutoring in specific sports, music, or language.


2. Why are they trending?

As we progress as a society, gender roles are becoming less defined, and men are increasingly taking on traditionally female responsibilities such as childcare. In addition, mannies can be a refreshing change for families used to female nannies. Their unique perspective and energy can provide children with a different sense of understanding and fun. Mannies are also becoming increasingly popular among single mothers who want a male influence for their children.


3. The Benefits of hiring a manny

Mannies can offer a broader range of experiences, from hands-on activities such as fishing, cycling or playing sports than female nannies may not provide. Also, male nannies don’t only provide a unique role model for children but can also be a significant asset for UHNW families. For example, they can escort children on various social outings or business trips where a male presence is necessary.


4. How to Hire A Manny

The hiring process of a manny shouldn’t be different from hiring any other nanny. Create a list of specific requirements, skills, and experience you are looking for in a manny. It is essential to check their references, character, and background to ensure you hire the ideal candidate. Also, make sure your prospective manny understands the UHNW family’s privacy policy.


5. What qualities should a good manny have?

Mannies should be trained in childcare, but more importantly, they should have emotional intelligence, a love for children, and be energetic. This includes being able to engage positively with children in active play. Additionally, they should be able to provide discipline in a gentle and encouraging way; they should always be comfortable with communicating with parents and be able to provide safe transportation to children when needed.


Hiring a manny is becoming common for ultra-high-net-worth families, and it’s no wonder why. They offer unique experiences, a different perspective, and showcase a non-traditional but exciting approach to parenthood. To hire a manny, make sure to follow the same hiring process as you would a nanny, and don’t forget to check their references and character. The best mannies are energetic, emotionally intelligent, and love children. They provide a refreshing approach to traditional childcare and can make a remarkable difference in your child’s life. So, why not consider hiring a manny and let them change your family’s life for the better.