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Ruta Bice: The Architect of Childcare Excellence

Ruta Bice holds 13 years of experience within recruitment industry, her journey began in luxury hospitality recruitment management, before she discovered her true calling. 

“Being a mother myself, I found that the childcare industry is much more rewarding, and I can give so much more,” Bice reflects on her transition to childcare. Her passion led her to an agency in Mayfair, the heart of London, where she honed her skills before taking the bold step to establish her own venture, Superstar Nannies. 

Superstar Nannies is not just a catchy name; it’s a promise of quality and excellence. “We specialise in nannies with the highest qualifications and expertise” Bice explains. The agency boasts a remarkable database of candidates, ensuring that only the best of the best are offered to their discerning clientele, which includes celebrities, royal families, and high-net-worth individuals across the globe—from the UK to America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Bice’s leadership style is deeply personal, focusing on direct communication with individuals who require assistance with childcare in their homes. This approach demands a high level of emotional and cultural intelligence, skills that Bice has refined over time. “It’s very personal business,” she says, “but that’s what I love the most.”

Her ability to match the right calibre of nanny to the right family, considering cultural nuances and personal care, kindness, is what sets Superstar Nannies apart in a league of their own.

Superstar Nannies: Global Child Care Excellence

From a modest startup to a global sensation, Superstar Nannies has carved out a niche in the childcare industry under the astute leadership of Ruta. “We started in the UK as a little company, but word of mouth brought us more international clients,” Bice shares with pride. Her company’s reputation for excellence has crossed borders, reaching into Europe, America, the Middle East, and even Asia.

Competition, according to Bice, is a catalyst for growth. “Who doesn’t love competition? It makes you grow,” she states confidently. Superstar Nannies stands out not by the number of bookings but by the unparalleled service and quality it delivers. “Our team is built from strong childcare experts who hold many years of industry expertise, we’re here for service and quality to deliver what is the best on the market at the moment,” Bice asserts, emphasising that trust and care are at the core of what clients seek.

The COVID-19 pandemic, while challenging for many, turned out to be a period of growth for Superstar Nannies. “COVID was one of our best times,” Bice admits, noting that while competitors closed their doors, her agency remained open, adapting to the situation with live-in bookings and stringent precautions. This resilience has seen the company thrive, improving month by month. “Childcare is very straightforward,” Bice concludes, “and premium qualified childcare is what we offer—amazingly.”

Leadership and Vision: The Superstar Nannies Way

At the helm of Superstar Nannies, Bice’s leadership philosophy is clear: “You’re not going for quantity; you’re going all the time for the best quality.” This focus on excellence has propelled the company to international acclaim. Bice’s approach to leadership is not about being the biggest but being the best. “We are doing pretty well,” she modestly states, letting the company’s global clientele speak for itself.

With plans to open more offices in Europe and America due to high demand, particularly for the esteemed Qualified Nannies such as Montessori, Norland or Chiltern, Bice is steering her company towards an even brighter future. “Top Qualified Nannies are very precious,” she explains, highlighting the unique experience they offer to the clients globally.

Managing a team that caters to a special clientele requires a structured approach. “I usually look for the most senior in the team, we operate on a pyramid-basis,” Bice describes her management style. The most responsible individuals handle the biggest clients, ensuring that no mistakes are made. Every candidate, from nannies to governesses, chauffeurs, and chefs, undergoes thorough verification. “The brand name means a lot,” Ruta emphasises, “and we need to maintain a standard.”

The learning experience is paramount at Superstar Nannies, not just for the children but also for the staff. “The most important thing is education,” Bice asserts, acknowledging the convenience it provides for incredibly busy parents who want only the best for their children. With private tutors and travel nannies, Superstar Nannies ensures that the highest standards in childcare are met, maintaining its reputation as a provider of exceptional service and care.