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Pescatarian Chefs

Pescatarian Chefs are your go-to source for delicious and high quality meals. From private dinners to family gatherings, these experienced professionals are adept at creating the perfect menu that caters to all tastes. Their key responsibilities include developing creative dishes with fresh ingredients, sourcing groceries according to dietary needs or preferences (such as pescatarians), planning menus in consultation with clients/families, and delivering delectable culinary experiences suitable for both formal occasions like dinner parties or children’s birthdays! Let a Private Chef provide you an unsurpassed dining experience today! Book with us today!

Salary Guidance:

  • Live in (Full Time) £40K – £55K+ GPA
  • Live Out (Full time) £50K – £65K+ GPA
  • Live Out (Part Time) £20 – £30+ per hour
  • Temporary/Short Term £20 – £30+ per hour