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Superstar Nannies is the best nanny agency worldwide and we offer clients the very best in premium childcare!

Superstar Nannies is an exceptional search consultancy leader, providing families with unparalleled childcare and private solutions around the world. Our attention to detail and expert service ensures that we can find top-notch placements tailored to your individual needs – from experienced Housekeepers, Domestic Couples, Private Chefs, Butlers, Gardeners, House Mangers managing multiple properties simultaneously; all the way to professional Maternity Nurses, Bilingual Nannies, Norland Nannies, Rota Nannies, Governesses and Private Tutors who are specifically trained in caring for children of every age groups. We take great pride in selecting only superior candidates so you can be sure our services will give your family peace of mind and a lifetime’s worth of memories!

Trust Superstar Nannies to provide superior childcare and private staff solutions – the best choice for your family’s needs!


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Professional Nanny Services

Our experienced, professional and well qualified maternity nurses, nannies, governesses are happy to offer their top quality services for the most important household worldwide. We honoured to provide multiple options for you to choose from.

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Housekeeping Services

Superstar Nannies are well known as a top supplier for the exceptional household staff. Our housekeeping department are well trained to bring you extraordinary experience and to deliver only their best service. Our housekeepers have a minimum of five years of professional experience and has impeccable recommendations.

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Private Chefs and Luxury Private Dinning

Do you want a top restaurant-quality culinary arts with all the intimacy of being at home? Our private chefs will treat you with bespoke best class delicious creatures. If you prefer to dine from the comfort of your home, private Yacht or holiday house, they will work their magic in any kitchen. Delicious and relaxing times guaranteed!

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House/Estate Management Division

Superstar Nannies are happy to represent our Exclusive House/Estate Management Division. They are dedicated, reliable and happy to support you in any situation. They are confident that their day-to-day operations are running smoothly. We fully understand of the importance of your security and comfort.

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Our Values:


We uphold the strictest confidentiality to respect the privacy and security of our clients and their families.

Supreme Quality

We rigorously vet and select only the most exceptional childcare professionals to join our agency, ensuring that our clients have access to top-tier talent.

Support and Trustworthiness

Our agency is built on trust and reliability. We prioritise integrity in all our interactions, earning the trust of both our clients and our employees.

Professionalism and Excellence

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals who approach their work with professionalism, dedication, and respect.

Cultural Sensitivity

We celebrate diversity and embrace cultural sensitivity, ensuring that our services are inclusive and respectful of different backgrounds and traditions.

Long-Term Relationships

We value the enduring relationships we build with our clients and strive to foster lasting connections based on mutual trust, loyalty, and satisfaction.


I had joined between 5 and 10 agencies before I found Superstar Nannies but I immediately felt the difference and was amazed at the better quality of service that was in every single step of the process.
I really felt she gave me her full attention and showed genuinely interest of really getting to know me as a human being and my unique value as a nanny.
Ruta made me feel immediately appreciated, heard, seen, understood and appreciated. It felt as though she had known me for years. This meant that I felt genuinely hopeful when she presented me with the opportunity to apply for my dream job. I felt the confidence and belief in myself to go and really be myself in the interview and it really felt that I was matched perfectly.
My employer told me straight away that I had got the job!
Ruta has been totally supportive from beginning to end while making sure that my interests were cared for as much as my employer’s.
I am now permanently employed with a wonderful team and could not recommend Ruta and Superstar Nannies enough!


In my role as a chief of staff, I have spent years navigating the complex world of Ultra-High Net Worth (UHNW) individuals. I’ve seen the depth of their expectations and understand keenly the levels of excellence they demand in every service they seek. My tenure has involved countless hours vetting organisations and individuals that could potentially serve our clientele; ensuring they not only meet but often exceed the uncompromising standards required. When I vouch for a service or put my name behind a testimonial, it is not done lightly. It comes with a weight of experience and an intimate knowledge of what is required at this echelon of service.
It is with this preface that I wish to unequivocally endorse Ruta and her enterprise, Superstar Nannies.
From the outset, Ruta and her dedicated team have showcased a clarity of vision and understanding that few possess. Superstar Nannies offers more than a service; they offer peace of mind. Their impressive selection process, from meticulous background checks to insisting on validated employer references, reflects a dedication to excellence that is a rarity in this field.
The Norland Nannies, Governesses, Maternity Nurses, and Mannies sourced through Superstar Nannies are unparalleled in their proficiency. These are individuals of the highest calibre, mirroring the exacting standards we set for every facet of our operations. The time, care, and expertise with which Ruta matches candidates to UHNW families go beyond rudimentary skills or experience. She ensures compatibility at a core level, considering personalities, needs, and the nuances that make each family unique.
My recommendation is not just a nod to the quality of candidates but a testament to the holistic experience that comes with partnering with Superstar Nannies. Ruta has earned not only my respect but also my trust—a sentiment not easily granted in the world of UHNW service providers.
Therefore, when I, with my extensive experience and background in sourcing and recommending elite services to the world’s most discerning clientele, champion a business associate with such fervour, it is an endorsement that speaks volumes. Ruta and Superstar Nannies deserve every accolade and more.
With sincerest appreciation and respect,

Deborah Smith
 Chief of Staff Representing UHNW Clients Globally

Thank you so much to the team at Superstar nannies who quickly and efficiently found us the most wonderful maternity nurse at short notice.

Ella was with us for a couple of weeks and worked wonders at settling our baby who had reflux. The booking process was straightforward and Superstar Nannies were flexible with our needs. I would highly recommend this agency and look forward to using them again in the future. Many thanks

Anna P

My experience with Superstar Nannies has been a lovely one. They do a very thorough check on their nannies and make sure they are reliable, trustworthy and able to provide their clients top-quality service. They do a great job in matching the right nanny to the right family. Ruta, the founder and director, is a delight to work with and you can enjoy clear and honest communication with her. They look out for both their clients and their nannies best interests. The process was smooth from start to finish and I would recommend this agency.

Laura – UHNW Family’s EA

I spoke with J yesterday and she said Kara was great and she’s very happy. I think it’s going to be a game changer for her.

Hopefully the whole tour runs smoothly!

Charly – Celebrity Assistant

I have been looking for a nanny for over a year and Superstar nannies is the only agency we have been able to work with. I would highly recommend their service.

Cora from the Knightsbridge

Superstar nannies a 5* Agency

We are a family from Hong Kong who arrived in need of a professional nanny! From the offset Ruta listened and understood exactly what I was looking for and also explain what will be a process for hiring Nanny in the UK.

She was with me every step of the way and met with me several times to make sure I fully understood the process.

Ruta was fast and efficient, organising interviews quickly with nannies that fit my requirements and the service she provided was excellent from start to finish. Within a short time we had been introduced to a wonderful nanny of the highest calibre, that we were decided to hire.

I would highly recommend Superstar nannies and Ruta in particular.

Thank you!

Ms Li

Thank you so much for the wonderful Service. You were a truly life saver for a stress free vacation. Your prompt responses and patience were a game changer and truly made us comfortable.

Bianca was wonderful and my kids loved her from day 1. Her patience and kind heart were just what we were looking for in a nanny.will definitely be calling on you when we come to London next summer.

Thank you so very much. I highly recommend this service.

Kind regards

Mwaka from Zambia

Thank you for a remarkable turnaround last week on such short notice. Ria and the nannies are fantastic, it took the kids a little time to warm up to them, but they got very comfortable in no time.

Great working with you.



Thank you so much for your service! Rory is brilliant!

We were searching for the Male Nanny, for quite sometime, and used few different agencies for the search. I dealt with Ruta, she was very supportive and happy to help from the start to finish. She made this process very simple and easy. We found our top match in just few weeks time.

I will highly recommend your services to anyone in need!

Sophia London

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