Celebrity Personal Assistant

Celebrities rely on the expertise of their personal assistants to maintain a successful lifestyle. It requires immense discretion and willingness to go beyond the ordinary, while exhibiting excellent organisational skills in managing confidential documents and setting public appearances, travel arrangements as well as home maintenance needs. Building strong relationships with employers is also paramount for celebrity PAs to make sure they can meet any demand or schedule throughout working hours – providing sought-after stability along this journey.
For those who thrive in high-pressure and fast-paced environments, a career as a Celebrity Personal Assistant may be the perfect fit. Our clients from all corners of the globe are looking for highly skilled PAs to provide exceptional service – managing projects, carrying out research, running errands and overseeing personal affairs with meticulous attention to detail. A successful candidate will possess strong multitasking abilities combined with an aptitude for problem solving under tight deadlines; ensuring their employer is fully informed about daily events so operations run smoothly even when schedules become hectic or hours extend late into night.

Salary Guidance:

  • Live in (Full Time) £55K – £65K+ GPA
  • Live Out (Full time) £60K – £80K+ GPA
  • Temporary/Short Term £30 – £50+ per hour