Travel Chefs

Superstar Nannies offers experienced Travel Chefs to provide professional and impeccable culinary services no matter where you are! Our chefs have the expertise in menu planning and executing exquisite meals that cater to every taste or occasion, from formal dinners for special occasions such as family reunions, birthday parties, corporate events; all the way down to casual lunches/dinners with children’s play dates! Whatever you require of our Chefs they will ensure it is done masterfully while taking responsibility in stocking up groceries and presenting delightful dishes.

Salary Guidance:

  • Live in (Full Time) £40K – £55K+ GPA
  • Live Out (Full time) £50K – £65K+ GPA
  • Live Out (Part Time) £20 – £30+ per hour
  • Temporary/Short Term £20 – £30+ per hour