Vegan Chefs

Vegan Chefs are responsible for crafting delicious, plant-based menus that satisfy all guests. They provide professional organisation and presentation of meals while maintaining the highest standards in food safety. Working with Families or House Managers to plan out exciting recipes every day, Private Chefs must also be able to adapt their skills when catering different events including formal dinners, children’s play dates and birthday parties. To ensure daily lunch and dinner is prepared on time they take responsibility for shopping as well as stocking supplies in their kitchen – making sure not a single ingredient goes unnoticed!

Salary Guidance:

  • Live in (Full Time) £40K – £55K+ GPA
  • Live Out (Full time) £50K – £65K+ GPA
  • Live Out (Part Time) £20 – £30+ per hour
  • Temporary/Short Term £20 – £30+ per hour